Upcoming changes, rewards and Angela’s Oddities


We’ve got some changes coming up – mainly to do with the layout of our site. We’ll be updating to something a little cleaner and easier on the eyes.

We’re also implementing a proper form that allows you to tell us your story with 100% complete anonymity.

And speaking of telling us – we are now offering a couple rewards.

$25 – For all audio recordings between you and Angela wherein the true pricing of her “services” are mentioned. Confidentiality guaranteed – your voice will be masked.

$1000 – If you’re one of the people Angela ‘published’, and realized you were royally ripped off, well here’s a chance to tell your story. This one will have to be public, sadly. Done through Skype, interview style, no more than 45 minutes.

Email [email protected] if you’d like to participate.

We’ve also added an RSS feed and a ‘subscribe by email’ function – see the sidebar for details!

And now onto Angela’s Oddities

So as part of our complete expose, we’ve begun cursory background checks on Ms. Angela Elizabeth Lauria and her husband Paul Brycock. We’ve barely gotten started and already a few things make us feel ‘something isn’t right here’.

At the bottom of her emails she now lists “The Castle” in McLean, VA.

Upcoming changes, rewards and Angela’s Oddities

This address is an 8,406 square foot home retailing for around $9,000,000.

And…. she rents it. Not owns. It’s actual owner is CEDAR MEDICAL LLC as seen here:

Upcoming changes, rewards and Angela’s Oddities

There’s an interesting article about that place.

Her website actually says that the address is in Washington DC, and if you look it up – yup, that’s her ACTUAL place:

Upcoming changes, rewards and Angela’s Oddities

Does it not seem a tad odd that she would boost about a place she rents from time to time? Also, it’s $75,000/month to rent it and guess who’s paying for it – you!
Or maybe she pays for it with the business loan she took out in 2/2016 – not sure yet.

Her education is also in question.

We won’t (yet) even touch the “European Graduate School” or the fact that the title of “Doctor” for a person that holds a PhD is historically not used the way she is using it – but it certainly does make her sound super credible, right? And unfortunately said school doesn’t even have a postdoctoral course in “Communication”.

And her George Washington degrees? Well, that’s up for debate. The Student Clearinghouse offers provides immediate education verification for a staggering number of schools going as far back as the 1980s. So we gave it our credit card, put in Angela’s supposed info and:

Upcoming changes, rewards and Angela’s Oddities

Yikes. “Pending School Reasearch”. Which means they can’t find her, and have to contact the school and have them manually research her alleged credentials. And yes, we received the same status for both of her listed degrees. Seems odd to us.

There’s also the issue that we can’t seem to find “The Author Incubator”, “Becoming Journey” or “Difference Press” as actually being a registered company – but we haven’t hit all states yet. She seems to have a lot of ties to Connecticut, so maybe there.

And finally, we end with a trio of testimonials thanking us for our work.

Just writing this thank you note.

Yep ! The video of Angela… Dr. Angela was pretty convincing, right choice of words… oh la la…

Thank God there is internet and people willing to take precious time to create a website that would help seekers find answers.

You destroyed my ‘bubble’ pretty quickly, but I’m very thankful.

Have a great day.

PS : I do appreciate that you expose without using a bitter attitude. Plain facts and testimonies. Double thanks.


This one, with a subject of “Saved by the bell”, raises some good points:


I came across the Author Incubator as a sponsored ad on my Facebook page. I’m a new writer and have liked or saved many interesting posts for furthering my research into the process of writing and getting published. By a real, honest publisher. I’m not looking for Random House here, just someone who can help me in the process.

So I clicked and read and watched her video and got to the application process. It was interesting that they asked for the following because I hadn’t gotten to the point of giving a synopsis of my book idea, hadn’t thought about my author bio (who does that before the book is even written?) and wasn’t about to give a writing sample until I spoke with someone.

That said, I pondered this process overnight and decided to do a little sleuthing this morning. That’s when I found your websites. I just typed in “is Author Incubator a scam” and got your site. Very interesting information. As I go through this writing process, I’m finding I need to have on my BS detection system at all times. And I find that sad.

But luckily for me – no money changed hands.  I wasn’t deluded into thinking she would make me a $1M and know that my books inside me will be written while staying true to my principles. Ones that don’t include giving people money for things I can figure out myself. The one thing I think is disgusting is how they use the idea of changing the world as one of their manipulation tactics. Maybe they do just want to have a stable of books that showcase that resource. But to me it’s more likely that they use it as a ploy.

Thanks so much for your site. It reinforced my instincts. Nice to know they are dead on with this scam.

This one is short and sweet and really makes us happy:

I was in the “free” webinar tonight and my mind began to wander…so I did what I always do on webinars–I went to Google (lol).  Then, I typed in AuthorIncubator Reviews and your site popped up.

After reading two pages of your website, I turned off the webinar and closed out the tab on my computer that contained my application.  You saved me from getting scammed; and, I am forever grateful.
Realistically, we’ll never ‘bring her down’. That’s not our goal. We’re here for the skeptical folks, the ones that just want to hear about it from another source. And, oddly, there isn’t anyone actually posting anything about them – well, nothing positive. Plenty of negatives, but she loves sending out those Cease and Desist letters. Funny thing is, we don’t plan to stop.
Anyway, we exist because the truth needs to be laid bare. Backed up with as much evidence as possible and displayed before the world for full disclosure. We’re not trying to tell you what to think, we’re just presenting facts.
And we’re hitting her in the wallet.

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The Angela Adventures – Episode 1, Angela Comes Clean


Ok, we don’t really do that. But I figured I might as well have fun. Angela is now a series of skits.

It didn’t even come to mind until I got almost to the end, where you see you can pay for the program with 3 payments of $5,000, 1 payment of $14,000, or 3 homeless people?!

INCONCEIVABLE! Luckily, there’s plenty of videos for plenty of episodes. Also, take note of the “Spies Like Us”, “Austin Powers”, and Angela in a lovely multi-generational “Doctor, Doctor, Doctor”

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The many emails of Angela Lauria

We do the fact checking, so you don’t have to!

Angela Lauria of the Author Incubator sure sends out a ton of emails, doesn’t she? Virtually every day, and sometimes more. And among the grammatical errors, run on sentences, and incorrect article use, she manages to sprinkle in some wonderful clickbait-y subjects. Hilariously, they are very easy to check up on.

November 17, 2017 – Angela sends out an email with the subject of “I need to take this post down…”. Here is that post (Highlighting by me):

The many emails of Angela Lauria

Wow – that means you better act fast, right? I mean, she’s going to get rid of it and you’ll be missing out!

Oh, never mind, it’s still up and you can see it right here. (As of November 25, 2017)

And this huge response she generated is impressive – especially considering how many views it has gotten!

The many emails of Angela Lauria


But Angela must be great at what she does, because as soon as you go to that link up there you are greeted with a banner proclaiming her the GOLD WINNER 2017 MENTOR OR COACH OF THE YEAR by the Stevies. Surely that’s a legit organization looking to award the top women in business and not some scam money grab right?

The many emails of Angela Lauria


I’m just curious why she didn’t list all 4 of the awards she won. I mean, according to the Stevie Awards Entry Fee PDF she paid at least $1,000 to ‘Win’ this award. That’s right – like her own program, it’s a “pay to play” scam.

Angela Lauria has no training to coach writers. She possesses neither of the degrees considered the foundation in the publishing world; English and Literature. Seriously – not even a minor in Lit!

And it shows in her writing, with such gems as these:

But for a successful transformational author, who wrote the right book in the right way, picking the RIGHT clients is possible because your book has already brought you a stream of qualified leads who are bought into your message and KNOW you are the one who can help them.

and this:

Happy Thanksgiving! Before I head out with family I wanted to take some time today to give back by inspiring everyone in a short Facebook live broadcast.

and this:

I can’t believe it but the holidays are right around the corner (seriously you guys where did this year go?). If you’re like me, then this is time of the year where you reflect and think about what you’ve done to give back. Was it enough?

and this:

For Thanksgiving Week I’ve decided to do something special as a way to give back to everyone who is helping, supporting, and participating in my mission to change the world, one book at a time.


Almost every email she writes would make my 8th grade English teacher Mrs. Faith frown. If you pay close attention and actually read her emails, you’ll see she commits mistakes that you’re warned about wayyyyyy back in English 101.

I’ve seen the following mistakes in her writing:

  • Subject-Verb Agreement Errors (She doesn’t even know what that means)
  • Sentence Fragments
  • Missing the apostrophe with “Its”
  • No comma in a compound sentence
  • Vague pronoun references
  • Severe abuse of run-on sentences
  • Superfluous commas
  • Virtually every email has faulty parallelism
  • Every email has sentence sprawl
  • I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what an infinitive is, because all of hers are split
  • But she does love to COMMA SPLICE ALL THE THINGS. (One day she’ll learn about the semicolon and colon punctuation marks)

The multitude of egregious errors are fairly easy to miss; the brain will naturally skip over minor grammatical errors and even reorder modifiers and the like subconsciously. It really only shows when you really pay attention – something you’d think the writer would do before hitting that ‘Send’ button. You’ll also notice it when a sentence is structured extremely poorly and it ‘breaks’ your brain; forces a hard stop as you re-read it to try to understand. The use of the preposition ‘to’ in the second sentence above is a mild version of this.

Now that I’ve told you, be sure to pay extra attention to every email she sends out – they are sophomoric hilarity at its finest!

That’s it for now – here is the takeaway about this post:

  • Angela Lauria writes misleading emails that entice the reader to take action
  • Angela Lauria uses unethical psychological scare tactics to attempt to drive decisions
  • Angela Elizabeth Lauria of the Author Incubator does not possess the most basic degrees required to be a publisher
  • Angela Lauria misleads the reader about her credibility by displaying awards that she has paid to receive
  • Angela Lauria’s own writing is extremely sophomoric and full of many basic errors an English 101 class would have taught her to avoid


And I’ll give you a few things to ponder:

  • There are many people in this world that hold a PhD. You interact with them every day. Outside of the medical and educational field, how many refer to themselves continually as “Doctor”? Why does Angela Lauria feel the need to inform people she allegedly holds the title of ‘doctor’ in every form of communication (Written, audio, video)?
  • And how many people do you know, that call themselves Doctor, hold a PhD in Communication?
  • “PhD in Communication” isn’t a real degree. It’s usually “PhD in Philosophy in Communication Studies”
  • The school she allegedly graduated from doesn’t even offer that degree – it’s all philosophy, art, and critical thought.
  • There exists no masters or doctoral thesis from Angela Lauria – which is a requirement in literally EVERY program.

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Angela Lauria’s Thanksgiving Broadcasts

According to Angela “90% of people want to write a book”. Her source? Not cited, of course. But I did find something similar – a 2002 New York Times OpEd by Joseph Epstein.

To quote the author:

According to a recent survey, 81 percent of Americans feel they have a book in them — and that they should write it. As the author of 14 books, with a 15th to be published next spring, I’d like to use this space to do what I can to discourage them.

Before I had first done so, writing a book seemed a fine, even grand thing. And so it still seems — except, truth to tell, it is a lot better to have written a book than to actually be writing one. Without attempting to overdo the drama of the difficulty of writing, to be in the middle of composing a book is almost always to feel oneself in a state of confusion, doubt and mental imprisonment, with an accompanying intense wish that one worked instead at bricklaying.

A funny thing. If you managed to stomach Angela’s little broadcasts, you’ll hear her talk about dieting and all the books she read about all the things she tried. The video is here, fast forward to about the 6:30 mark.
Now, what did she try? “Psychoanalysis, a course in miracles, church, past life regression, crystal therapy, body love, medium readings, playing with fire. Here’s the slide – I can’t make this shit up:

Angela Lauria’s Thanksgiving Broadcasts


If you listen, there’s no where she states actually having read any books on actually dieting. You know, real diets. Even the fad ones like Atkins would work.

Do you seriously want to give this person tens of thousands of dollars?

Do you want to take the advice and help of someone who is deluded, who lies to you about ‘best selling books published’, when her own book has next to no one buying it?!

Angela Lauria’s Thanksgiving Broadcasts

Someone that twists the facts:
Angela Lauria’s Thanksgiving Broadcasts


While the video itself states there have been “1.1k views“, and the rest of the videos say the same, to state “thousands have been tuning in” is misleading – it’s written to make it appear as many more people have viewed it then they really have. Someone non-biased would state “over 1000”, which is more accurate.

All of her clients “have their books finished within 90 days”. That means there’s no proofreading, no one fact checking, none of that. You’re giving her money to fund her lavish lifestyle while she essentially hounds you with ‘Are you finished yet?!’

Don’t believe me? Stay tuned – I will present to you several original rough drafts sent to her for publishing. Drafts so bad, that I had to spend 3 hours literally re-writing it to make it have some semblance of structure.

And now she pushes that the only reason you write a book is to bring in more customers to your business. That is absurd. She is a scourge of the publishing industry – you don’t write books to sucker people into your business. You write because you have to. You’re compelled to. You write because you honestly can’t NOT write.

She proudly links to press articles, like her ‘#285 Fastest Growing Company on Inc.Com“. Thing is, that list is a joke. Did you want to get on it? Just fill out the 2 page application and boom, there you are. Private companies don’t have to disclose any information, so everything listed is all made up – just like everything else about her.

Angela Lauria’s Thanksgiving Broadcasts


I am working on a documentary about this modern snake oil salesman. In it, we plan to dig very deeply and reveal all of the skeletons in her closet.

Want to be part of it? You can! Simply donate to my cause over on Patreon – the funds received go directly into extra costs involved with exposing her lies.

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Congratulations, Angela has accepted you – plus the ACTUAL COST of her program! BREAKING NEWS!

An outraged author recently made us privy to a page Scamgela doesn’t have a direct link to. The page, titled “Preparing for your interview“, is a 24 minute insight into her whole program. And it’s the only time I’ve actually heard he say what the price is.

I won’t spend the better part of a half hour slowly wearing you down until I announce the amount (Skip to 16:26 to hear it yourself), I’m just going to tell you right now:

3 payments of $5,000, or $14,000 in one lump sum. 

Yes, (and this is for search engines, based on common terms people use to get here) The cost of the “The Author Incubator” program by Angela Lauria is $15,000.

In the buildup, she makes many statements not backed up with anything a reasonable person could fact check for themselves. Things like:

  • She managed to get 3 homeless people to pay for her program. (Side note: Isn’t that a bit heartless?)
  • She states she has 3-4 authors making over 1 million dollars a year
  • She states the average a nonfiction author makes is $1500, but her authors average $86,000/year.
    How? Here’s the spy results of one of her ‘cherished authors’:
    Congratulations, Angela has accepted you – plus the ACTUAL COST of her program! BREAKING NEWS!
  • States that a book proposal is all about marketing. It is not. If she was actually involved in literature, she’d understand that. A book proposal answers 2 questions: Why should a publisher invest in your book, and why are you the person to write it?
    Publishers are NOT the bad guys, they are the ones that do all the heavy lifting once a book is written. They are investing in YOU.
    DID YOU KNOW? Since she promised it to you, she entered a binding ‘express contract’ with you. If you haven’t made $10,000/month, sue her. Almost worth throwing away $15,000 right?

That video genuinely pisses me off to no degree. I’m grinding my teeth as I right this and pounding on the keyboard. It shows such a huge lack of ethics and morals I can’t understand why anyone would give her 1 cent, let alone $14,000. (By the way: 12 authors per month, at $14,000 per author, means Angela is stealing over $2 million a year from you. That’s a felony. Someone really should contact a lawyer.)

Her brazen unconscionability is all in this video!!

By the way, Angela, you really should look up Unconscionability, I have a feeling you’ll become intimately familiar with the term quite soon.
Definition: Unconscionability is a doctrine in contract law that describes terms that are so extremely unjust, or overwhelmingly one-sided in favor of the party who has the superior bargaining power, that they are contrary to good conscience.

Throughout this whole process she puts you through, you’re being groomed. “Grooming” is what predators do to lower your inhibitions, like how you would – obviously – have an objection for paying such an insane amount – but her whole process is setup to get you ‘ready’ for her.


  • She has literally provided ZERO proof of any claims she has ever made.
  • This video beings with her referring to herself as “Dr. Angela”. Again, that’s
  • She really makes her money by exploiting two psychological terms – suggestability and misattribution – common tactics quite popular with sociopaths.
  • Throughout the video, she crudely attempts to imprint the ‘scarcity’ of her offer and works to raise a sense of urgency about her program (Spending 5 minutes explaining why you should tell her ‘no’ if you don’t want to go through with the program – how is that appropriate in a ‘congratulatory’ video?). Psychologically, these are common tactics conmen use. By making you feel special (There’s a limited number of slots open), and telling you to say no quickly if you don’t want to go through with the program (By repeatedly stressing how you must be nice and tell them no if you change your mind she’s imparting guilt into your mind. You would feel guilty, or wasteful, if you said yes then ghosted)
  • Again, she further on states how she only wants to work with people who “Want to make 150,000 to 300,000 per year”. Why that specific range? Again, another predatory psychological tactic. Without going into the science toooo much, $150,000 – $300,000 will seem like an income significantly larger than her ‘mark’ currently makes, but it’s not outside the realm of plausibility. It seems like a tangible goal. Versus saying you will make 25,000,000 to 50,000,000. That’s ludicrous. But it wouldn’t be crazy to a millionaire, especially if she was instead charging $300,000 for her services.  Proportions, yo.
  • Everything is centered on her ego and on what she wants. She practically insults those that link is sent to, giving a pandering 3 minutes and 45 second explanation of why she can’t congratulate you in purpose.
  • She calls her junior scammers “Talent Scouts”. That terminology used to be huge in IT – say you’re looking for ‘talent’ and not ’employees’ and suddenly a mundane job seems sexy. Same thing here. \
  • After the big reveal of the cost in the video, she spends a large amount of time telling you how to find that money – trust fund, line of credit at the bank, new credit card, mortgage the house etc etc – does that sound like something that someone who intends to help you would say? It doesn’t to me.

In the several years I’ve studied this woman I’ve learned 2 things about her:

  1. She loves to tell stories about herself
  2. She has ZERO knowledge at all of how the publishing industry works.

If you suck at marketing, that’s fair. But if you have a book you want to get published, you take on a literary agent.  Just like being accepted by a publisher, an agent is free – they work on commission. Which means they have an extremely strong desire to get you the best deal possible. Because their livelihood depends on selling your book.

The whole industry is commission based. Writers rarely have to spend such insane amounts that she’s asking, simply to get published.

Look at it this way:

If her program truly worked. If you truly made a minimum of $10,000/month from your book the first month and then some, Angela Lauria would be an idiot to charge $15,000 for her services. Why? Because if the program actually worked and actually made you money she would give it away in exchange for a 10% commission. Within 3 years (And remember, we’re using the minimums she said you’d make), she would be making over $20,000,000/year. $20,736,000 to be exact. 

But it doesn’t work. It only makes her richer. And you fell for it. And then you’re to tied up in NDAs and madness to tell your story to the world. 

Coming soon – an in-depth analysis of the video shown on “Preparing for your interview” – I will show you in detail how she’s fucking with you.

And, I have to say, if you look at the video and compare it to the pictures on the main site – it’s like there’s 2 different people.

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You guys are awesome

Every now and then I get emails from Kindle that look like this:

You guys are awesome

Notification that I have incoming royalties from my 100% blank book I put on sale over a year ago. Sure, it’s just one person buying it as a ‘thanks’ perhaps 3 times a year, but I still think it’s cool.

I also think it’s hilarious that it’s ranked #474 in the Human-Computer Interface Category.

So thanks guys, stuff like this always comes in right when I’m feeling like it’s all for nothing.

Let me just remind you of a sample book Angela calls a “#1 Bestseller” and that the author paid her a MINIMUM of $15,000:

You guys are awesome


I’m using one of best selling books in the list I’m currently tracking via KDSpy. A book Angela Lauria has called a “#1 Best Seller”.
Over 274 days tracked (Graph only shows the last 30 data points) the book has an estimated sales revenue of $609.

Someone paid $15,000 for Angela to publish a book that has made $609 dollars.

Hundreds of people have done it.

Occasionally I’m asked about the ‘success stories’ she posts. They are all paid for advertising. Don’t believe me? Look at this odd FTC Disclosure that shows up at the bottom of the site now.

“Any products, programs, or personal recommendations made in this or any email communication from The Author Incubator for 3rd parties will likely result in some form of compensation from said 3rd party.”

The FTC Disclosure is an attempt to hold companies responsible for truth-in-advertising. To try to conform to the regulations, she’s posted a link at the bottom left of the website. However, the FTC says that you disclose it’s a paid endorsement on the media doing said endorsement. So in the video itself. It’s not expected for a person watching a video to then have to perform a search to figure out if it’s a paid endorsement or not.

Additionally, her videos themselves are in violation of what she is trying to pretend to adhere to. From FTC.Gov:

We want to run ads featuring endorsements from consumers who achieved the best results with our company’s product. Can we do that?

Testimonials claiming specific results usually will be interpreted to mean that the endorser’s experience reflects what others can also expect. Statements like “Results not typical” or “Individual results may vary” won’t change that interpretation. That leaves advertisers with two choices:

1. Have adequate proof to back up the claim that the results shown in the ad are typical, or

2. Clearly and conspicuously disclose the generally expected performance in the circumstances shown in the ad.

She does not do either. There’s no proof presented confirming these past authors are making “10000s of thousands of dollars”. And I have yet to see any disclosure of the expected performance, let alone one that is clear and conspicuous. But the fact that she actually finally admits a tiny bit of this program shows that this website works and that our constant diligence to link anyone asking about her program here seems to be having an effect.

Oh, and I have… heard rumors.. that people keep asking her about proof and then are immediately banned. I tried it on an alt account. I have never been muted so quickly! That is suspicious to me. She obviously has someone who’s solely dedicated to hovering the mouse over the mute button. And muted, for what? Simply asking if she has anything published regarding proof. Weird.

You guys are awesome

Really, that should have a disclosure attached to it. Really, 2 disclosures. It should look like this, if she truly wanted to adhere to the FTC guidelines:

You guys are awesome

Now, there could be people who weren’t compensated that are saying how great the program is. That’s actually to be expected. It’s a construct of psychology. If you pay a large amount of money to someone – especially if (As she has stated over and over again) you’re homeless and get a loan for $15,000 (I’ve been homeless. I used to volunteer a ton of time at a homeless center in St. Paul. Never once did I meet someone who was homeless but had such excellent credit they secured a large unsecured loan just to publish a book) the last thing you will want to do is actually admit it was all a fraud. She is a specialized predatory in finding people who mainly deal with … ermm.. let me just say “non-traditional science”.

Looking at it from a higher level, she is what is wrong with the country. Not her personally, but what she does. I think our country has gone a bit feral ever since World War 2 ended. It’s been a long time when we, as a country, had to suffer. We’ve never had massive drives to gather plastic or metal. We haven’t had, nor do we know anyone, that went through a Great Depression. Or a Dust Bowl. Typhoid. Black Plague. Not even 9/11 brought us together. Outside of New York, most people were outraged for a few months, but to the vast majority of the country those events didn’t affect them personally in any appreciable way.

That basically leads to us becoming more and more self-centered every generation. How you respond to a situation is a choice. You can be positive, or negative.

Let me explain what I mean with a story.

I have a friend in his 50s. He tells me a lot of crazy stories, like almost getting into a fist fight in the middle of the road because the woman in a van of Mom, Dad, and 2 girls told him to ‘Calm his tits’. It almost ended in a fight.

Why? He took it personally. “Calm your tits” felt like a deliberate act of disrespect.

Or another one. In Home Depot one day, he was ‘cut off’ by an ‘Indian couple’. So he said “Excuse me”. Then a little louder “Excuseeee Meeeeee”. They turned around and said what? He said you cut me off, apologize. And there was a couple other snarky digs on either side later on.

He felt disrespected. He chose to view the action as negative. And decided if he’s pissed off, so should they.

I asked their age, and he said probably mid 20s. So I said to him “Does it make sense they would cut in front of you in a deliberate act? Honestly, how I would chosen to view it is: Indian gentleman busts his ass and manages to get high enough scores to come to America and get his degree. During that time he’ll go back and get married. He recently gotten his degree and landed a good job. He is so excited because his wife is finally coming home, to America, after having not seen her much at all. And they are in Home Depot, so they must have bought a house! So they are here, excitedly talking about their new happy life and dreaming as they go down the aisle. They were so caught up they didn’t see him. There was no collision. They didn’t knock his cart over. They just didn’t see it. And you decided that they randomly wanted to piss you off, so you then pissed them off. You took a happy excited couple and crapped all over it. ”

Which story is the true one? We’ll never know. But isn’t it just better to assume they aren’t actively trying to be assholes and instead, were so happy about the future they just didn’t see him. All I know is, for me, it takes a lot more energy to be angry and lash out. Just assume positive and move on. That’s how the country used to be. We all just assumed the other person didn’t mean it, we said nothing and had no anger and 30 seconds later forgot all about it. But my friend prefers to let it make him angry, and then he fosters that anger. And remembers it. And it feeds into more anger.

It’s just not needed.

Angela is another self-centered amoral business person happily stealing from people and then lying to the masses. It works because she GENUINELY believes her own bullshit. There’s another psychological concept that explains it. It’s called repression. Or suppression. Honestly, it’s somewhere in the middle. Her conscious mind is obviously aware that her program doesn’t do anything. That she’s immorally getting money from people. Now, usually people can sense that – something seems ‘off’. However, because her subconscious mind actively shields these harmful truths about how its wrong, she comes off as being genuine.

But she’s been doing it for so many years now, I think people are seeing the cracks.

You guys are awesome

Why is that hashtag at the bottom of her website? She probably made some newsletter post about it. Yeah, just checked, from September 7th, 2017.  And it’s an email about how people don’t like what she did and her laughing at it. There’s an actual blog post that mentions it in August.

But on August 25th, 2016 she posted about “Our first scholarship… #BlackLivesMatter” Can you guess the race? You got it.

Angela is so unbiased, she doesn’t see color in people at all. And here’s a blog post about how great and open she is and a picture of black gentleman. Doesn’t it just fill you with pride in her, to see how she’s giving back to the community so much she tells you all about it.

It’s not the things you publicize that makes the person, it’s the stuff you don’t talk about. I read a post on Quora from a 35 year mail carrier in Houston. He said “Hey, did you know we don’t have AC? Never had it. Might possibly had it in 2020? Freeze a bottle of water, then put it in the mailbox with the flag up”.

Blew me away. For 4 decades, I never gave the mail delivery any thought. But yeah, people put it there. So I tried the frozen water bottle, but couldn’t get them to not split open. And I figured other delivery people would like the same thing. So I just put a minifridge in the front door with a note and left the carrier a note about it in the mailbox. Besides my wife, you folks are the only ones I’m telling about it. And I did it a week ago.

Morally straight people do good things quietly. Amoral people do good things only when they can share it all over the place and let the public see how good and pure they are.

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The psychology of Being Angela

I will admit, this video – being an hour in length – is really long. It’s a fairly raw recording, more of a ‘stream of consciousness’ as we watch together an excerpt of the “Preparing for your Interview” video. In it, I explain all of the psychology that is deeply embedded in everything she says. How Angela Lauria builds your mind up to accept the outrageous price she charges.

I also provide some additional fact checking about her claims. Such as she has no PhD in Communications, because the University doesn’t offer anything like that. There’s no dissertation by her on any of the journals. That’s because she never wrote a dissertation, because there is no PhD. And a 45 year old wouldn’t discuss their dissertation after 15 years anyway. There’s no such thing as a “Publishing Coach” from the IICS. How she copies the exact Ponzi scheme structure from Life Coaching circles.  How TheAuthorIncubator.com isn’t a website about publishing a book, it’s an alter unto her by her. The lack of consistency – stating she has 10 years in the industry, then saying over 20 years 2 paragraphs further. He incorrect use of the FTC disclaimer, her dodgy ‘Philosophy’ that isn’t.

I made and stopped almost a dozen recordings. I wanted to hit around 15 minutes, but with a subject like this, it’s difficult. Her writing is so poor and inconsistent, and there are so many red flags about her. Why would a website that supposedly there to help you feature a heavily edited photo of her? Why does she make sure every page has a note about her being a doctor? Easy: I posit she has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, most likely the subtype of “Fanatic Narcissist”. It’s long, but interesting. I intend to make shorter videos in the future. Perhaps 1 or 2 pages of her website at a time. Anything specific you’d like to know, or if something rubs you wrong about her and you’re not sure why, just ask.

Angela Lauria, my number 1 visitor: The use of your copywritten video is allowed under US Code Title 17, Chapter 1, Statute 107; referred to as the “Fair Use Doctrine”. It states, in part, that “The fair use of a copyrighted work, including reproduction by any means for purposes such as criticism, comment, new reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.

Furthermore, this content does not violate the DMCA, and filing a false DMCA takedown request is a criminal act under Federal Laws.
You would know this if you had any education in publishing, but I have to tell you because you don’t.

So, how do I do this? I’ll answer under the video.

It’s actually interesting how I do this. While I’ve had a lot of formal study in crisis management and the psychology of several disciplines, the real reason why I can point this stuff out is because of I have a super power.

Ok, it’s really not a super power, it’s actually a dysfunction with one of my dopamingeric pathways – the one responsible for executive functions. Executive functions cover a wide range of subjects, but can most easily be summed up as it is the area where we learn things.

My specific problem is my mind bypasses what they call ‘working memory’. Working memory is where you store new information before it’s categorized and its importance is defined. So for me, I can’t figure out importance or category – it all either goes into short-term memory, long-term memory, or I subconsciously repeat it over and over.

So I retain entire situations in stunning detail. So for Angela, everything she has written that I’ve read, or recorded that I watched, all goes into an area of my brain. Take some training in psychology, sociology and a lot of personal study into how con artists work, and there you go. The brain is exceptional at finding patterns, or noticing the lack there of. Most psychological disorders have a clear and concise criteria that identifies the behavior for a given disease. When I have enough data in my brain, there’s a moment of alacrity. Then I write it down.

It’s why I always try to choose a positive response in most scenarios; it’s the choice that least negatively impacts my surroundings, which is good if I don’t know why someone did something. Like cut me off in traffic. Try it.

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How about we contact the press?

Crazy idea, I know, but if enough people report on her lecherous behavior eventually someone will investigate. And hopefully they even pay the money and go through the whole disgusting process.

So here’s a few tip lines:

NBC Washington News 4 I-Team

WJLA DC “7 ON YOUR SIDE” Investigative tip

WUSA 9 has a handy email address.

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