A new guide to the scam and some burnout.

I have created a new page about her scam, “The Definitive Guide” I need to polish it, that’s why I’m not publishing the page but posting its link here.

I’ve tried to create a video, 15 – 20 minutes long, that explains everything wrong about The Author Incubator as well as proof.

I’ve had over a dozen takes, and the shortest video is 45 minutes. And all I’m covering is the website’s index, the about page and her philosophy.

There is SO MUCH WRONG that I run over 40 minutes on 3 pages. And every time I run into something new.

I’m a public speaker, I’ve given tech talks to groups of thousands. So I know how to talk, and I know how to read a teleprompter and then speak it. It’s pretty easy. I can even rework concepts to go along with where I’m at, or the conference subject, etc. In other words, I’m pretty decent at it.

But reading what Angela wrote I would end up coming to a hard pause during several of them. They are structured so poorly, are missing  words, or make so little sense that my brain just stops. If I run into a sentence that is too difficult, or I can’t speak, out in the wild on stage I normally just skip it. But her writing is so absolutely grade school bad that I can’t even foresee it’s crap factor and am able to skip it.

So yeah, I suffered. Highly.

Anyway, I’ll continue to slowly work on it. In all honesty Angela may end up in the news and courts before too long. Probably not the news since she’s not a big figure. So I’m going to focus on the other site, where I can tackle other snake oil salesfolk. Because after studying her writing so much I think my brain is rotting.

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Someone hurry up and tell Angela!

Someone hurry up and tell Angela!

Someone needs to let Angela know that she can now pay for a 2018 spot on Inc. 5000.

Just fill out those forms Angie, and drop $175 down to have another fake ‘award’ for your fake life.

Someone hurry up and tell Angela!

How about a testimonial for you folks, too?

default image

Have you seen this horrific article in Washingtonian about her? https://www.washingtonian.com/2017/11/03/can-angela-lauria-make-a-self-help-author-and-life-coach-out-of-anyone-who-can-afford-her-15000-fee/ I went to college with her (GW). Later she turned back up in my orbit when a great friend of mine who had released an e-book through her told me about what a scam it all was. That friend has since passed away, and I remain completely disgusted about the scam. The reason I searched her name today was that I saw a seriously vomitous youtube commercial today by Lauria. I am SO glad you have started this site. I feel awful for my late friend who was duped (and she was a very smart and talented person so if she could be taken in it’s very serious). Anyway, thank you for trying to get the word out about her. Best, Anonymous

Hurt January 26, 2018

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Angela in the news

A tip of the hat to the anonymous crusader that sent me the following link.

Oddly enough, Scamgela doesn’t link it on her website, but the November 2017 Washingtonian posted an article entitled “Can This Woman Make a Self-Help Author and Life Coach Out Anyone Who Can Afford Her $15,000 Fee?

Seems like the rest of the world is starting to doubt the benefits of paying her $15,000 to self-publish a book.

Some quotes from the article I love:

Lauria, 44, looks a bit like Liza Minnelli if Liza went platinum and got a fauxhawk. Her 16,000-square-foot home—where she lives with her husband and son—has eight bedrooms, a panoramic view of the Potomac River, and an indoor swimming pool.

For another $35,000, she offers an upgrade that gives writers a year of Lauria’s marketing work, a dedicated editor (most manuscripts need a line edit, but some require, in Lauria’s words, a “holy shit” edit), and a print version of their book released by her own publishing house, Difference Press. Dozens of titles, Lauria says, have made it into chains including Barnes & Noble and Target.

With all her flair, it may seem as if Lauria is selling cubic zirconia.

But for now, at least from 4 to 5 today, the nine books being released are downloadable for free. That’s why most will hit number one in some category on Amazon. It’s also why so many of Lauria’s authors refer to themselves as “bestselling.”

“There is a bestseller in every category in every given hour,” says DC literary agent Gail Ross, whose clients include Eric Holder and Jonathan Chait. “Especially if you give that book away for an hour.”

Lauria and her eating-up-the-stage presence border on camp, like Christopher Guest sending up a Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” seminar. For more than two hours, she brings her authors onstage for an Access Hollywood–type interview

It’s the nonstop patter of a QVC host—which is to say Lauria’s resting heart rate. This is the woman who wrote her latest, Make ’Em Beg to Publish Your Book: How to Reach a Larger Audience & Make a Full-Time Income in the Extremely Overcrowded World of Personal Development, on a weeklong cruise down the Danube. (Asked how the book was doing, Lauria was dodgy. “The answer is thousands,” she e-mailed, “but there are so many variables, we would literally need a three-hour meeting to define terms.”) “If everything we’ve talked about in this book doesn’t light a fire under the publisher’s ass to pick you,” she says in Make ’Em Beg, “it’s time to go nuclear.”

Going nuclear, in Incubator parlance, is self-publishing.

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More lies and self-promotion fud

Being subscribed to Scamgela’s email list is truly a fascinating study on just how the mind of a scammer and narcissist works. I just wish people would do their own independent research, rather than blindly trust what she says. Remember, she wants your money, and will say anything to get as much of it as possible regardless of how easily refuted it is.


More lies and self-promotion fud


One would assume that a “best seller” would garner more than 28 views. And I’m curious how Amazon ranks her book at #183,011, yet somehow that means it’s a best seller?

Angela does have a weak vocabulary, perhaps she isn’t aware of the actual definition.

noun: best-seller
  1. a book or other product that sells in very large numbers.

Nothing she has written or published has ever shown up on the New York Times’ Best Sellers list – I’ve been checking and searching, but keep coming up with zero,

And she wouldn’t be a narcissist without always telling some tale of her life in every email – it’s never about the people she actually “publishes”.

And this one is great, I laughed a solid 10 minutes after reading it:

More lies and self-promotion fud

BWAHAHAH. Only a small number of actual authors are regularly recognized and approached in public, and ZERO publishers are. If she’s supposedly being stopped for selfies, then something is amiss. Because it should always be about you, the author, and not the ego of the publisher. I’ve searched through Instagram and Twitter and can’t find anyone having taken a ‘selfie’ with her and posted it. And honestly, if you look at all the pics she posts – her hair freshly dyed and coiffed, 3 inches of foundation packed into her wrinkles, and then saw her in person you’d keep on walking.

Hopeful authors, remember; email updates, videos, etc should always be focusing on you or other authors – never the publisher. If she’s doing her job correctly, she should be invisible. Instead, every email, every video, contains Angela talking about Angela, with the occasional mention of one of her authors thrown in to somehow try to connect it. Angela cares about 2 things – 1. Angela and 2. Money, that’s why she’s always talking about herself and is willing to go so far as to exploit her son and drag her father’s name through the mud to try to prove to you that somehow she’s legit.

And really, if she was legit, then there wouldn’t be 41 upvotes in 24 hours to my Quora answer to the question “What is the biggest scam you’ve ever seen?

Just some food for thought – be careful out there, behind every legit publisher, there’s 9000 Angela’s just waiting to talk you out of your retirement.

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Well I guess I struck a nerve

So super miss busy Scamgela took the time to search through her email list to find one of my addresses, and deleted me from it.

That means we’re winning! See, those with narcissistic personality disorder absolutely can’t stand anyone who isn’t kissing their ass. And her most recent emails seem to be a direct response to the last few posts I’ve made. Almost like she’s trying to show she’s not a scam.

And really, she’s totally legit, let’s just take 1 sentence from her website:

Unlike other publishers, which often focus on book sales and revenue for the publisher, we are committed to the success of our authors in the creation of the book, the publishing of the book, and in the promotion of the book and related programs, and to the readers in getting them the help and personal transformation they need.

With grammar like that, I don’t even need to write about it! Comma abuse, run-on sentence, misuse of transitives. And there’s a few more things. But we don’t want to focus on that. Focus on this:

Unlike other publishers, which often focus on book sales and revenue for the publisher,

Seriously, nothing proves Angela Lauria has ZERO knowledge about publishing, marketing, writing or anything else remotely close to it. She’s a scam.

She’s not a publisher.

Publishers focus on book sales and revenue because, you know, that’s ALSO how the writers of those books get money. That’s why they don’t take just anyone. And they don’t make easily refuted claims about every book being a best seller too.

See, Angela focuses on getting all her revenue from you up front. And all her gaslighting from some of her ‘authors’ are the minority she hasn’t cast away and discarded.


Angela Lauria – YOU DON’T KNOW ONE THING ABOUT PUBLISHING. You’re destroying lives with your lies. And we will shut you down.


Video coming in a few days, folks.

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Angela doesn’t even know how publishing works

The latest email from Angela Lauria tells us 2 things:

  1. She has absolutely no idea how publishing works
  2. This site is making a difference

You can tell she has no experience with how book publishing works purely through today’s email. I almost want to thank her for making this so easy.

How can you tell she has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about? It’s simple – all she talks about is money.

So, fine, before we go into detail how completely naive she is, we’ll talk about the only thing she talks about – the money.

With Angela, you give her tens of thousands of your dollars, and she “publishes” your book. Let’s assume you get 100% of the return. Since she gives almost all of her books away for free with Kindle Prime, you’ve given her a ton of money, and receive nothing.

Or maybe she does put a price on your book, but because she doesn’t have any kind of marketing team to publicize it, you get about $7/month.
Angela doesn’t even know how publishing works

If you give her $20,000, using her own model, it would take 2,857 months on average to BREAK EVEN. So, to just get back to the ZERO point would take 238 YEARS. And that’s with you getting 100% of the profits. And oh, by the way she owns the copyright for your book.

So, you’ve given her $20,000 and a Word document. She takes your cash, spends 5 minutes publishing it to kindle, and that’s it. If your book accidentally gets popular, well she owns the copyright to it, so you can’t even republish it.

Angela runs a vanity press, but she’ll never actually say that. There is zero risk for her to publish your book, that’s why she’ll take anyone.

Now, let’s look at how traditional publishing works:

In traditional publishing, the publisher assumes the risk of ALL publication and production costs.

That’s the reason they are so selective. An unknown author is a huge risk to them. They even give you an advance. Why?

  1. It’s a show of confidence that they will be able to get your book to sell.
  2. With all of the rounds of revisions, editing, proofreading, etc it can take upwards of year from signing a contract with a publisher and actually having the book published. So it’s a holdover. A thank you, if you will.

If wrote something that no one will read and a publisher pushes it out, you’ve gained from it, but the publisher has lost. AND LOST BIG.

Look at how much just US publishers spend every year:

Angela doesn’t even know how publishing works


In just 2015 alone, they’ve spent $16,730,000,000. 16 BILLION.

Now, lets look at this paragraph of her email:

Every new book represents a risk to the publisher, who is gambling tens of thousands of dollars that it will sell enough copies to earn a profit. Most books barely cover their costs or at best earn a small profit, and this is particularly the case with books by unknown authors. Therefore, publishers try to keep costs down by offering small advances. And even those small advances almost always lose money.

She’s kind of right there. It is a huge risk to publishers, because they only make money if your book sells. Angela makes money whether or not your book sells.

She states ‘most books barely cover their costs’. Which can be true – for TECHNICAL BOOKS, but isn’t true for any other genre. And the main reason it’s true for technical books is they are always large – often times over 2,000 pages, and printing books that size is a lot of money a publisher has to front without any guarantee they’ll make it back. Angela has no idea how much it actually costs to run a traditional publishing model – because she’s not in that industry.

She goes on to say:

Because they will keep the other 90% of your salary for themselves!!!

You are, in fact, paying to publish with a traditional publisher… You are actually paying much, much more to publish if your book is successful. The only way in this scenario you are not paying to publish is if your book doesn’t sell.


If she was even remotely correct, why didn’t J.K. Rowling switch to a vanity press, or even self-publish, the Harry Potter installments after her initial contract ended? She only gets that 10% royalty, but it doesn’t seem to really hurt her:

Angela doesn’t even know how publishing works


I mean, she still received $95,000,000 from her royalties. She’d obviously get even more if she went with a little vanity press like Angie’s, right?


Factor in the huge marketing arm of Scholastic Press. Kids are essentially force-fed books from them – remember being a kid and bringing that Scholastic Press form home from school, begging your parents for the money for the books? Yeah, Angie can’t give you that.

How about the extensive editing and revisions that J.K. Rowling had to do. She was a first time author, and had many mistakes. There are dozens of people that poured over that manuscript, spending hundreds of hours. Does Angie give you that? Nope.

Angela wants you to think that publishers are stealing from you. Are they? Nope. Wrong again.

In 2016, Scholastic Press has a total revenue of 1.67 Billion dollars. That’s all the money they received. The ‘gross’ amount, before expenses.
After expenses, the NET revenue, is 40.5 million dollars.

Almost 50% of all the money they took in, went to selling books!

We’re talking about all of the editing, printing, advertising, marketing. Almost half of it went right back out to help you sell your book.

When you give Angie your $30,000, does 50% of that go into your book? Hell no, not even close. It goes right into her pockets. Go check out her facebook, look at all the posts of the $3000 purses she purchased, that $75,000/month rent for her little fantasy castle, all her trips – YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT ALL.

And she’ll never tell you that. Versus a traditional publisher, like Scholastic Press, publishing their operational costs in dizzying, exact details. Where is Angies financial disclosure? Oh, that’s right, she doesn’t have one.

Additionally, submitting your work to – and paying a large fee for – the services of Angies author mill is detrimental to your name and your business. You’re judged by the company you keep. And to a traditional publishing company, Angela Lauria looks like a tweaking meth addict begging for change on a street corner.

What sounds more appealing to you?

A publisher who gives you an advance, works with you to polish your manuscript so its the best that it can be, who spends tremendous amounts of money on you by printing thousands of copies of your book, distributing them worldwide to stores. Paying tremendous amounts of money to advertise your book via newspapers, radio, television, online ad campaigns. Giving out dozens of preview copies to major book reviewers. And you haven’t paid a single cent for it.


Someone that doesn’t have any fixed price for her services. Does zero marketing. Zero advertising. Zero printing. Zero editing. But you’ve given her all your money.

It’s obvious!

It’s all about risk. With Angela, you have all the risk, she has none. There’s nothing motivating her to give 2 fucks about your book, because you already gave her your money. I’ve shown you the books themselves making next to no money. And have you ever seen ANY advertising from her for ANY of the books she’s released? And I mean the books themselves, not her talking with some author about their book, which is just a way to advertise her company. Not even a Facebook ad. Why would she, she has your money.

With a traditional publisher, they own all the risk. They are highly motivated to have you produce the absolute BEST book you can. Because if you fail, you walk away with your advance money, while the publisher loses THOUSANDS of dollars.

But they say a picture is worth 1000 words, so we’ll leave you with something to think about:

Angela doesn’t even know how publishing works

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Angela vs. People Who Know What They Are Doing

Pretend-Doctor Angela Lauria (Pretend because EGS isn’t accredited in the US so the title is illegal to use [Sidebar: You know your school is janky with the President of it has a Q&A and actually doesn’t answer the question]) paints a very seductive picture of her services. That’s to be expected though, as folks with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are masters of gaslighting and pulling you onto their side.

But does Angela deliver?

I’ll let you be the judge. I’m going to show you a triptych of manuscripts right from the writers themselves, the final copy sent to Angela for publishing. Then I’ll show you some things from the publisher that published one of my books – fair comparison, right?

But first, here’s another thing that shows just how unqualified Angela Lauria is when it comes to ‘coaching’. She calls them books, but by and large they aren’t. If you average the page count of everything she’s published, it comes out to 117. That isn’t a book.

A book isn’t a book unless it contains a minimum of 60,000 words or 240 pages. What Scamgela badgers people into submitting is considered by actual publishers that actually went to school for this as either ‘short stories’ or ‘novellas’. Mostly novellas, between 7,500 and 40,000 words.

Anyway, here’s what all that money you spent gets you:

Angela vs. People Who Know What They Are Doing

Angela vs. People Who Know What They Are Doing

Angela vs. People Who Know What They Are Doing

Click the images for the bigger view.


Three books. Three ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FORMATS! What an absolute shit show. Angela Lauria of the The Author Incubator is so completely disorganized, so horribly unqualified for what she does, that she can’t even give people who spent thousands of dollars – literally put their future on the line – a style guide! Considering how she farms out every single thing about the publishing bit to other people – what in the hell does she actually do?

Oh, right, narcissist; she’s busy trying to illegally cram “Dr.” onto everything she can, hosting a web page that opens with nothing but a picture of her, writing horrible emails (That I still get. Angela, darling, stop trying to remove me. It won’t work, dummy.), and hosting horrible webcasts.

Angela’s ACTUAL job is to convince the world that Angela is important.

She doesn’t really have time for silly old you.

Now, the other side:

I’ve written several books. Most have been technical. No one has ever asked me for a dime.

The last book, I was paid $3,000.00 up front for it. Well, paid isn’t the right word – I was given an advance of $3,000 from future royalties. So I wouldn’t get another dime until my royalties went beyond that initial $3,000. That’s pretty much the defacto standard way things are done in the publishing world.

So, after the contracts were signed and everyone was in agreement I was sent what is colloquially known as the ‘authoring bundle’. It looks like this:

Angela vs. People Who Know What They Are Doing

What you’re looking at is a collection of files that do several things:

  1. Explain to a new (or returning) author the particular layout and formatting this publisher uses
  2. Contains actual Word templates that ensure you’re using the correct font, heading sizes, table of content style, etc
  3. Reminds the author of the deadline and page count agreed upon – as well as the timeline, when each chapter was expected
  4. Includes actual tools to help translate a rough draft you already have into the publishers preferred format
  5. Includes a sample of the style of writing they are expecting from you, sample prefaces, sample bios, etc

This is to the benefit of both parties. By sending each chapter when I’m done with it I get quick feedback that I can immediately incorporate going forward, the publisher gets a standard format that they can use their tools against, and everything is done on time and without needless calls or emails back and forth.

When the book is finished, it gets pored over by:

  1. Reviewers – 3 – 12 people
  2. A Development Editor
  3. Technical Editor
  4. Indexer
  5. Proofreader
  6. Back to me for revision
  7. Go back to step 1.

Remember, I didn’t pay them for any of this – they paid me!

Here’s what how the template for my last book looked:

Angela vs. People Who Know What They Are Doing

Angela vs. People Who Know What They Are Doing

The template goes on for 17 pages covering every style type that I could ever imagine.

So when I wrote – I just wrote. I didn’t need to worry myself about how the list should look, or chapter titles (That’s something I supply in my initial overview I provide), margins, indents, nothing. I let the template do its magic.

I explained and showed all this to Angela, and she was too arrogant to understand it!

For all the money YOU spent, your book is going from Angela, to ‘some guy’, to the FREE Kindle Desktop Publishing suite to Amazon. Oh, she does spend like $400 on some bulk ISBNs, even though it’s completely pointless to do since none of them are ever physically published (She doesn’t even understand the purpose behind ISBN!!!)

Due to her complete lack of any formal formatting, things like this happens – a lot:

Angela vs. People Who Know What They Are Doing


So, please, if you really want to just throw your money away then do it by buying my completely fake book (100% 5 star reviews!) or help me out on Patreon. One of my goals there includes hiring a private detective to tail Angela for 48 hours (Though I’ll probably have it done anyway).

As a final thought – ask these questions to yourself:

  1. How many of the authors that she has published have actually made a name for themselves OUTSIDE of her constant emails?
  2. How many publishers have a web page that opens with a (heavily airbrushed) picture of the founder above the fold? (“Above the fold” – another term Angela doesn’t know, is used to denote articles or text that would be seen first in a newspaper – because its ‘above the fold’ of the paper)
  3. How many other publishers claim an almost 100% bestseller for all their authors?

If you happen to get Angela on the phone, or during one of her webcasts, be sure to ask her

  1. What in the fuck is this, and how did you get a PhD in it when it’s not even offered at that diploma mill?
    Angela vs. People Who Know What They Are Doing

And a new drinking game!

Watch Angela’s videos and every time you hear her referred to as a “Doctor” take a shot. You’ll be drunk within 10 minutes.

In the United States, and Miss Manners agrees, Doctor is a title for a medical professional. Miss Manners’ father used to say that a PhD was like a nose – “you don’t make a fuss about having one because you assume that everyone does; it’s only when you don’t have one that it’s conspicuous”. And Scamgela is awfully conspicuous about it, no?

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Upcoming changes, rewards and Angela’s Oddities


We’ve got some changes coming up – mainly to do with the layout of our site. We’ll be updating to something a little cleaner and easier on the eyes.

We’re also implementing a proper form that allows you to tell us your story with 100% complete anonymity.

And speaking of telling us – we are now offering a couple rewards.

$25 – For all audio recordings between you and Angela wherein the true pricing of her “services” are mentioned. Confidentiality guaranteed – your voice will be masked.

$1000 – If you’re one of the people Angela ‘published’, and realized you were royally ripped off, well here’s a chance to tell your story. This one will have to be public, sadly. Done through Skype, interview style, no more than 45 minutes.

Email [email protected] if you’d like to participate.

We’ve also added an RSS feed and a ‘subscribe by email’ function – see the sidebar for details!

And now onto Angela’s Oddities

So as part of our complete expose, we’ve begun cursory background checks on Ms. Angela Elizabeth Lauria and her husband Paul Brycock. We’ve barely gotten started and already a few things make us feel ‘something isn’t right here’.

At the bottom of her emails she now lists “The Castle” in McLean, VA.

Upcoming changes, rewards and Angela’s Oddities

This address is an 8,406 square foot home retailing for around $9,000,000.

And…. she rents it. Not owns. It’s actual owner is CEDAR MEDICAL LLC as seen here:

Upcoming changes, rewards and Angela’s Oddities

There’s an interesting article about that place.

Her website actually says that the address is in Washington DC, and if you look it up – yup, that’s her ACTUAL place:

Upcoming changes, rewards and Angela’s Oddities

Does it not seem a tad odd that she would boost about a place she rents from time to time? Also, it’s $75,000/month to rent it and guess who’s paying for it – you!
Or maybe she pays for it with the business loan she took out in 2/2016 – not sure yet.

Her education is also in question.

We won’t (yet) even touch the “European Graduate School” or the fact that the title of “Doctor” for a person that holds a PhD is historically not used the way she is using it – but it certainly does make her sound super credible, right? And unfortunately said school doesn’t even have a postdoctoral course in “Communication”.

And her George Washington degrees? Well, that’s up for debate. The Student Clearinghouse offers provides immediate education verification for a staggering number of schools going as far back as the 1980s. So we gave it our credit card, put in Angela’s supposed info and:

Upcoming changes, rewards and Angela’s Oddities

Yikes. “Pending School Reasearch”. Which means they can’t find her, and have to contact the school and have them manually research her alleged credentials. And yes, we received the same status for both of her listed degrees. Seems odd to us.

There’s also the issue that we can’t seem to find “The Author Incubator”, “Becoming Journey” or “Difference Press” as actually being a registered company – but we haven’t hit all states yet. She seems to have a lot of ties to Connecticut, so maybe there.

And finally, we end with a trio of testimonials thanking us for our work.

Just writing this thank you note.

Yep ! The video of Angela… Dr. Angela was pretty convincing, right choice of words… oh la la…

Thank God there is internet and people willing to take precious time to create a website that would help seekers find answers.

You destroyed my ‘bubble’ pretty quickly, but I’m very thankful.

Have a great day.

PS : I do appreciate that you expose without using a bitter attitude. Plain facts and testimonies. Double thanks.


This one, with a subject of “Saved by the bell”, raises some good points:


I came across the Author Incubator as a sponsored ad on my Facebook page. I’m a new writer and have liked or saved many interesting posts for furthering my research into the process of writing and getting published. By a real, honest publisher. I’m not looking for Random House here, just someone who can help me in the process.

So I clicked and read and watched her video and got to the application process. It was interesting that they asked for the following because I hadn’t gotten to the point of giving a synopsis of my book idea, hadn’t thought about my author bio (who does that before the book is even written?) and wasn’t about to give a writing sample until I spoke with someone.

That said, I pondered this process overnight and decided to do a little sleuthing this morning. That’s when I found your websites. I just typed in “is Author Incubator a scam” and got your site. Very interesting information. As I go through this writing process, I’m finding I need to have on my BS detection system at all times. And I find that sad.

But luckily for me – no money changed hands.  I wasn’t deluded into thinking she would make me a $1M and know that my books inside me will be written while staying true to my principles. Ones that don’t include giving people money for things I can figure out myself. The one thing I think is disgusting is how they use the idea of changing the world as one of their manipulation tactics. Maybe they do just want to have a stable of books that showcase that resource. But to me it’s more likely that they use it as a ploy.

Thanks so much for your site. It reinforced my instincts. Nice to know they are dead on with this scam.

This one is short and sweet and really makes us happy:

I was in the “free” webinar tonight and my mind began to wander…so I did what I always do on webinars–I went to Google (lol).  Then, I typed in AuthorIncubator Reviews and your site popped up.

After reading two pages of your website, I turned off the webinar and closed out the tab on my computer that contained my application.  You saved me from getting scammed; and, I am forever grateful.
Realistically, we’ll never ‘bring her down’. That’s not our goal. We’re here for the skeptical folks, the ones that just want to hear about it from another source. And, oddly, there isn’t anyone actually posting anything about them – well, nothing positive. Plenty of negatives, but she loves sending out those Cease and Desist letters. Funny thing is, we don’t plan to stop.
Anyway, we exist because the truth needs to be laid bare. Backed up with as much evidence as possible and displayed before the world for full disclosure. We’re not trying to tell you what to think, we’re just presenting facts.
And we’re hitting her in the wallet.

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The Angela Adventures – Episode 1, Angela Comes Clean


Ok, we don’t really do that. But I figured I might as well have fun. Angela is now a series of skits.

It didn’t even come to mind until I got almost to the end, where you see you can pay for the program with 3 payments of $5,000, 1 payment of $14,000, or 3 homeless people?!

INCONCEIVABLE! Luckily, there’s plenty of videos for plenty of episodes. Also, take note of the “Spies Like Us”, “Austin Powers”, and Angela in a lovely multi-generational “Doctor, Doctor, Doctor”

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